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Keep Your Business Connected With the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad

How the “i” Keeps You Connected to Your Business at All Times

So you have started a business, found the location to hold your office, recruited the personnel, and started growing your client base. If you are like me, your business keeps you busy and running around. Where will you be today? Two cities away? In meetings? To and from the office three or four times? Staying connected to what is happening at the office can be one of the most challenging tasks of running a business. Sure we have smartphones. Sure we have email on the go. But what about other parts of our business we need to take care of on the go?

The “i” can help. The “i” of course is referring to Apple and its products. More specifically, the three I use to stay on top of more than just email: iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Payment Processing Using iPhone Intuit Go Payment

I visited a client once for a large production shoot. Normally there is a meeting, a proposal written up, and then a deposit put down. This one occasion the client wanted to put down money to get started right away. It got me thinking about how easy it would be to be able to charge their credit card while we sat at the meeting table without the hassle of now finding the time to get down to the bank.

I did my research and found the Intuit Go Payment device. After a very simple process of getting approved for one, I received the device in the mail less than two weeks later. It plugs directly into my iPhone. Charge by sliding a major credit card or debit card or by even typing in the card’s information. The client signs directly onto the screen and we both receive a verification and receipt via email. When the funds transfer in two to three days, I receive another email. Done.

Editing Documents Using iPod Touch Apps

I often have more to do than I can think about, so when I receive a phone call from the office telling me we have another client that is looking for a project proposal, I often have no time to drive all the way back to the office to modify and send out our proposal template.

Being Mac based, many of the programs on the computer can be purchased via the Apple Store and downloaded onto a device such as my iPod Touch. So, once I knew I could download Pages, my primary word processor program, I was now able to adjust our project proposals with the new company’s logo, information, project details, and pricing and send it off without the new client waiting for my day to end at the office. Next client please.

Video Editing with iPad Video

When you start a business it is often the way of the owner to wear many hats. You become owner, writer, editor, funder, project director and need a new hat as new roles come up. My video editors need to send me the first draft, or beta cut, of any video they complete before it gets sent to the client. Neither the iPhone or iPod Touch have a screen large enough for me to really see what work has been done. So, my iPad stands in as my video screener.

They email me the file, I download it, and wherever I am I can watch the high definition video as it is intended to be seen by the client. I can then email back changes or comments with some simple finger flips across the screen. Anything else you need?

So, in one day, I can charge a customers a down payment on a project, send out a project proposal to another, while being able to make edits to a current project. And all with the “i” by my side, or really, in  my hands. How much easier can it get?

Author Bio:
Miscelleana Rhinehart has been writing for more than four years and loves to write about any topic as she shares her varying experiences through her journeys. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and two minors in Business, owning a business, and writing freelance is only half the fun. Ms. Rhinehart also writes for Nexteppe, a marketing and SEO company helping dealerships sell Michigan GMC dealers through the use of social media and web design as well as offering a new way to search online classifieds.

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