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Internet Marketing — There’s No Silver Bullet

Many customers want to know what they can do to get more business from their websites. I then send a detailed list of options and recommendations based on their budget.

But here’s the thing. There’s no silver bullet. Internet marketing, inbound marketing, SEO/SEM all involve a consistent effort over time. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to set aside some of their monthly advertising/web budget for this approach.

The good news is many forms of marketing yourself online don’t have to be costly. If you discipline/train yourself to do some on your own, they can even be free.

Your internet marketing efforts should include:

  • well-optimized website
  • relevant, regularly added content
  • useful information for download (reports, videos, etc)
  • email newsletters
  • social media andĀ involvement in online communities/forums
  • is there something else you’ve found is working?

As you can see from the above list, you can’t just do each of these things once and remain visible to those searching for you. You need to keep putting yourself in the view of potential customers who are looking for your specific product or service.

So don’t be content to do one blow-out campaign. Discipline yourself, or hire someone, to keep up a regular, steady routine of internet marketing, and watch your business grow.

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