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How To Get Amazing Company Letterhead

Your letterhead is going out to potential and current customers, potential and current partners, vendors, employees, and others. It represents your organization, and so it’s important that it reflects your public image while conveying essential information.

What Company Letterhead Should Include

Make sure you prominently place your company logo, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address and website address. Other items to possibly include are your tagline and/or brief promotion.

Paper Quality is Most Important

The first thing your readers will notice even before reading (or not reading) your letters is the quality of your paper. So your envelope and letterhead should represent your image. And your choice may be dictated by whether or not you are printing your own letterhead and letters. Common choices for paper areĀ 50# or 60# text, or 20# or 24# bond or writing papers.

Other Considerations

You may also want to consider including a watermark, using exact (Pantone or other) color matching for your logo, graphics bleeding off the page (costs more), paper colors, or custom sizing. Look online for inspiration, but stay true to your own brand.

Check, double check, and triple check your phone numbers and other details. You don’t want thousands of copies of useless letterhead because of a careless error.


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