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How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name can be a challenge. When searching for mine, I worried that it was already taken. I was nervous that somebody would steal it before I bought it. I was anxious about how much it would cost.

I found a great article entitled: The Effective Strategy For Choosing Right Domain Names. Christopher Johnson shows that with some thinking and creativity, you can actually build a great name. He discusses two differing theories about how to brand yourself online. Then he offers some general guidelines on choosing the best meaning, sound and spelling of your domain name.

Don't sweat it! With a little time and creativity you can choose a great domain name.

Here’s a little excerpt:

“Forget the cliche of the crazy adverstising or marketing genius who’s struck by the perfect idea as if by lightning. Approach the naming process in a strategic, rational way, and look for elegant solutions to your particular naming challenge.”

Hope you enjoy!

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